For those unfamilar with the song, its from the album 'Adore' by Paradise Community Church in Australia which is really blessed because one of their worship leaders won the Australian Idol contest.

Amazing starts off with a intimate piano instrumental, followed by a grand full band introduction. Its really nice, and the lead melody, played by the electric guitar, sounds great:


The chords for the song are as follows:

i) Introduction:
D D/F# G Asus2 A

ii) Verse
D D/F# G Asus2 A
D D/F# G Asus2 A
G G -

iii) Pre chorus
A Bm G D A Bm G D
A Bm G D G A

iv) Chorus
D D Bm A
D D Bm A
G A Bm A
G G Em A

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