No One Like You

I'm proud to introduce to you guys a new contributor, David, to guitarpraise, with his very first psot, on the introduction to David Crowder's 'No One Like You'.


By David



Anonymous said...

do u have it on key of G#?

kenny said...

Just play everything two frets higher.

Charles said...

Another way to match the Illuminate recording is to tune down a half step and then play:

(note: that's not "10" or "101" but rather going between the 1st fret and the nut (open))

Anonymous said...

can you post what the tabs are after that?

Anonymous said...

What does that effect involve?

James said...

does anyone know what the riff is on the last chord of the intro progression. cause i've been trying to figure it out and it's driving me nuts.

Dev7 said...

go to:

the "the site" link

the third green square down (says the recordings)

click get tabs

has most chord sheets, some tabs, a few piano arrangements, including No One Like You

James said...

Yea i tried going to the website and it didn't have the tab for that part. Oh well, i'll just keep trying to figure it out.

Leo Choi said...

hey kenny i think more david crowder would be nice xD if it isn't a problem

Jo said...

what key is this in? i'd like to suggest if for my church band to play but i need to get the music first :) j x

bubba said...

what key is the song in, in the recording?