Word of God Speak (Kutless version)

Here's the Kutless version of Word of God Speak, which has more of a rock feel to it. I quite like the riffs used for the chorus, shld be pretty good to 'cut and paste' into other songs.

Also, I used a new effect I've been playing around with, which is to pair a Vox 30W with a Fender Tweed amp, with an FX boost and a tubescreamer respectively. It sounds less fizzy than the distortion i usually use, but has less presence. Download the patch (32A) with my latest library here.


Bb F

Before the verse:

Download video


Stephen said...

I have the PODxt, will it still work to download those patches?

p.s. Thank you very much for this website, it always helps me when I'm in a time crunch for learning songs, needing help, inspiration, or looking for a new song for lineup. God Bless all you guys for your time and efforts! They are greatly appreciated.

N-ATE-TOO-MUCH said...

Thanks Kenny for this wonderful site! I am a much better guitar player because of you!