Lord I Lift Your Name On High

Here's Sonicflood's take on an old favourite... sometimes its not that an old song sounds old, but rather the arrangement is. See if you can jam out new and exciting arrangements for the older songs!

-2-2-2-2--(x3)-2-2-- E F#m E D E

----------------------- (x2)

Verse (simplified from the original)
F#m . . . . A

E . . D/F#


Anonymous said...

Awsome mate, God bless

David said...

Last album, Glimpse is really great... Thank you

James said...

Thanks, this is my favorite Jeff Deyo arrangement of all time! What about this on the chorus tho:

-2-2-4-2--(x3)-2-2-- E F#m E D E

Dan Leedham said...

Any heads up on Effects? thanks

kevin said...

thanks man, awesome job too.

JC.Follower said...

Hi, i love this site ! Thanks you so much !

In this song, Lord i Lift Your Name of High, you don't have the part "you are holy, you are awesome, bring your freedom."

Can you make it plz ?


God bless

joseph A said...

could you tab out the chourds you are playing i am just not picking them up plwsae thanks