Beautiful One (with finger stretches)

Here's Beautiful One by Tim Hughes. I *think* that all the notes for each bar are meant to be held down, but this gets you into weird finger positions, unless you use some form of alternate tuning.

This video is short, but really tough, and I can't do it properly at the normal speed either, but its a good way to stretch your fingers, especially as a warm-up exercise. If you can do it at the normal speed, send me your video, and I'll put it up!

Hold down all the notes within each bar.



Matthew said...

Hey Kenny,
Awesome Job with this song and this page. This song really shows the extreme dexterity you have developed. I am just a beginner and mostly an acoustic player at that. So here are a couple of alternate methods for those of us who are not as practiced but still love playing. I'm sure you have thought about these methods but did not include them because some of the notes are not able to be sustained as long as they need to be. Oh yeah I should not that I have not listened to this song yet, I just listened to the notes that you played. God Bless you and keep up the good work. Ps I'm working on another little vocal entry too! Can't Wait!

Method 2



Method 3



kenny said...

Thanks for the tabs! I agree that the tabs I've put up are really difficult, and I see them more as warm-up or stretching exercises.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great tab athough, on listening to the song i believe the last note is a D not an E as tabbed here.

kenny said...

Sounds great too.. you can do a D by playing the 12th fret of the D string.

Anonymous said...

Capo on 7 works too mate.

Anonymous said...

Your tabs are usually pretty close, but there's no way this is correct. Upon listening to the song, I'd recommend putting a capo on the 5th fret and playing with the A chord. I'm not saying it's exact or whatever, but it would go something like this. Lemme know if you think I'm way off here.

Capo 5th

You've got good chops and a great ear. If any kind of worship music seems impossible for you to play, you're probably making it too hard in some way. Excellent site!


YeshuaAaron said...

Here's a way that's relatively easy on the hands, although it doesn't let all the notes ring out. The first line I play with three fingers down on an Fmaj7 shape (0123xx) and the second with a G shape (3345) and I play the hammer-ons and pull-offs with the little finger.

Capo II (fret numbers relative to capo)



anchormikey said...

the riff is based off the gmaj9#11 chord and a amaj9 chord with the root repeated on the 14th fret g string - if you can make these chord forms and vary the picking to hit the correct notes as the guitarist does and follow the first suggestions on fingering above you should be able to nail it. it took me a bit to get it down but understanding the chordal structure really helps muscle memory and note recognition. another key in trying to follow the riffs through out the song is to follow the bass notes hit by the guitar and then build the resulting chord and thus find the correct finger positions for the riff...

hope this helps

a gmak9#11 chord is ....
E - 0
a - 10
d - 9
g - 11
b - 10
e - 0

HSK11 said...

I have found a way to play this and it is much more simple than it seems.

If anyone wants a video of this, I can certainly make one and send it to Kenny.