Angels Sing (Press Play)

By Matt

Key of B-C# 
I used a quarter note with mid level feedback. My wah pedal was accidentally on and all the way up and I didn't realize until I was finished with the editing so that's why is sounds so 'bright"  

B--7-----------------| repeat 3 times 

G--4-4----6-6-----| repeat 2 times 

Verse Chords - B, G#m, F#, E palm mute this with the triplet delay (preferably a dotted quarter note) 


Chorus - (played same as verse) 

Bridge - B,E - B,E,F# - B,E, B,F# Key Change - Everything up a full step to C#


DatGnat said...

Just something to think about, but your movements are busy enough to be distracting on the post editing camera. I enjoy the idea of making it a little more exciting to watch, but perhaps you should make use of a more organic camera controller. The in and out zooms coupled with the back and forth pans are all very mechanical. Other than that, good work!

Anonymous said...

ya. I am stil trying to master it. the difficult part is that I don't have the time to make enough keyframes to create a smooth edit (I am only able to spend about and hour to set up, record, and edit). this one was really just meant to be CRAZY! I didn't really intend to post it to the blog until I started gettng requests for the tabs. It's still a developing work in progress. eventually it will look better.

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