Amazing Grace

Here's something fun (by popular request, i'll put more clips up, but my webcam isn't very good, and it doesn't help that my guitar doesn't have fretboard markings either!):


I recall a bassist doing something like this, but a much more impressive version, of course. (Anyone knows which band/bassist did the bass version?) What i've done is to make a highly simplified electric version.

Its not too difficult to play, so to make this post more rewarding, I've provided the notes below, but you have to figure out the sequence in which to put the notes - hopefully this exercise helps to get you familar more with the notes.


Isaac said...


um i think the artist you're thinking of with amazing grace may be Victor Wooten? Check him out. godbless

Fonzie said...

Yes, as the other guy said, that bass guitar rendition of Amazing Grace is by the great Victor Wooten. I never cease to be amazed by what he can do on the bass. An AWESOME solo (featuring Amazing Grace) can be viewed here:

Amazing Grace starts at 1:39

G Clark said...

Yeah it was Victor Wooten. Phil Keaggy also does a version of Amazing Grace using a looper and an E-Bow. Definitely worth checking out!