I Stand For You (by Tree63)

I posted on King by Tree63 some time back, which was quite well received. Here's another song from their live album I Stand For You, by the same name. By the way, its a wonderful album, with collaborations with Matt Redman too, and I highly recommend you to get it. I've also attached the chorus at the end of the clip (on the instrumental) for you to enjoy:

As I heard this song, thoughts of Christian martyrs, amazing people who stood for God in the face of death, came to mind, and the question I asked myself was if this song was ever played in my church could I mean these words if i were in their shoes? As musicians in our respective music teams, we have to mean what we play - insincere worship on the stage, in front of the congregation, is perhaps equivalent to a pastor not practicing what he preaches. Ask yourself this question for every song you play in church, and may God turn your heart towards Him in the process as you grow in your ministry.




Tmt7 said...

I'm interested in tree69 music, but has the band got a web page?

kenny said...

I think they do, you have to google about for it. The online Christian bookstores may stock the album too.

Anonymous said...

yeh the tree63 band has a web page but its really myspace, heres their myspace website-http://www.myspace.com/tree63


ken2012 said...

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