Planetshakers Album Archive

Even Greater
Devoted to You
God is Able
This Love

Dance Now
Get Up
No Compromise
Rejoice in You

Nothing is Impossible
The One
The Victory
You are Good

All for Love
All for Love
All That Matters
Better Than Life

Saving Grace

Saviour of the World

Lead Me On
My Life is Yours
Praise You
Saviour of the World
So In Love With You (Intro, Bridge)
So In Love With You (Intro, Verse, Chorus)

Pick it Up
Never Let Me Go
Pick it Up
Shout it Out

Always & Forever
Always & Forever Prechorus Variation
Great & Mighty
Jump Around

All That I Want
Come to Praise
Everything's Changed
Running After You
Running After You (with delay)

My King
I Believe



Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny, great job. Could you tab out "Give You Praise"? Thx

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny, your site has been a blessing for me. Can you tab "Pick it Up?" Thanks

Anonymous said...

thank you for all the tabs!
Is it possible you can tab
"My Hero" by Planetshakers plz???

Anonymous said...

thx dude~
can u tab "My Hero" from album Arise also?
our church is trying to play that song, but not sure of the actual tab.

Anonymous said...

how about alitle Open Up The Gates its my favorite Planetshakers album

PS 08 Brisbane said...

Planet Shakers 08!!!!!!!
Go Reinhard Bonnke!!

What a Confrence

Anonymous said...

can you get the rest of the FREE album plz

sLy said...

hey can u guyz make tabs for the new pshakers album the song called >>>>>>HEALER<<<<<

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Thanks a lot of uploading the tabs. anyway, am wondering y isn't there "Never Stop" album in the list?

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering if u could put pick it up on for me thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, could someone tab the new planetshakers album...All for love...??????


Anonymous said...

Hello, since united dont have new songs, pls focus adding tab on this section, add more tab on SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, FREE, ALL FOR LOVE, btw could u tab FOR EVERYTHING, GLORY TO GOD, AND HEALER? I'll b w8ting for the tabs, God bless

Anonymous said...

Hello!!Hey man you're tabs have helped me out loads.And the videos makes learning SO MUCH easier.I have a request...Could you tab out Beautiful Savior please?It's a beautiful song.Thanks loads!!God bless!

Anonymous said...

kenny play fall in this pleas

Anonymous said...

hey bro can u tab out free, please?

jonathan said...

Hi Kenny, can you tab out free and holding on? Thanks and Godbless!!!

D.ㄥo said...

Can you tell me what song this is?

I was there and I been waiting to play it, but I can't find any tabs or chords to it at all.

Jabroni said...

wow you're awesome dude! hey can you do my hero by planetshakers? and you think you can give the chords for so in love with you for planetshakers as well? thanks dude and God bless always and always rock on for God! \m/

Anonymous said...

just wandering could ur tab out the songs in the Accoustic Album of Beautiful Saviour...
The songs there are quite nice.
Thx for all the great tabs that have been helping me in my worships
God Bless!

earl said...

can anyone tab out the song Worship Him by planetshakers...Worship Him album (2006) Tnx!

Anonymous said...

i think this is an excellent site for praising and worshiping God, and i use it all the time. was just wondering if you could tab out 'Lift Your Name Up' by Planetshakers from their Arise album? would really appreciate it! thanks!

Mark said...

This site is such a blessing to the church. Keep going guys!

Do you think you could look at "The One" by Planetshakers?

xandrixe said...

hey kenny right??!!

Can you do me a favor please??!!!..

can you please tab NEVER STop by PLAnetshakers for me??..pls...

xandrixe the name..hihihi


aaron said...

This blog is Great =D
God Bless You All ^^

Anonymous said...

hey, can someone please tab the newest shakers album 'one'??

Ministério said...

Hi, can someone post TAB the INTRO, planet shakers album "free"? I love this music and I want play it, but I don't know the tab.... thanks for all !!!

Camila said...

This blog is awesome!=D
great job!
can u please tab never stop?

joão alberto said...




Cheryl said...

Hey I've been a big follower of your blog... I'm so thankful for you guys.. But could you extend the favour a tad bit more?

Could you please post This Love by Planetshakers from the album Even Greater

Thank you so much. You could reach me at for anything further.

ar said...

hi kenny can you post holy spirit and surrender by planetshakers.. you always rock my world everytime i visit this page.. may the Lord continue to bless you..

ez0nIce said...

Praise God..

pls. post tabs of "Dance Now" by planetshakers

John said...

Hey These are really helping me a lot.. Thanks... But can you please post "This Love" guitar Cover?

Si'Min said...


can help to tab Believe by Planetshakers (album, Deeper). thanks.

Brice said...

Hey dude can you write up a tab for you are good - Planetshakers (ONE)

alphadelos said...

may I have the tabs of bring it on by planetshakers in album nothing is impossible

frankkkkk said...

Heyy Kenny, could you tab 'give it up' from the new Planetshakers album ? Thanks

Joel said...

Hey... could you tab 'power' from nothing is impossible planetshakers album? Thanks

fabian cheong said...

can u put "put your hands up" pls? :P

Anonymous said...

Hey could you please tab the song Healer? I need to do this one for church next week, but I can't find the tabs or an instructional video to help me out anywhere.

roel gatapia said...

pls post planetshakers 2014 album

angel-in said...

This blog has been a great source for learning. Have not seen any new instructional videos. Hope all is okay. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi can somebody make a tab for born to praise,really need it.God bless

nicer cool said...

Could someone please do Give it Up and Sound of Praise from the Nothing is Impossible album? Thx.
P.S: This blogs is the most awesome blog EVER!!!! :D

Yose Abramovic said...

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