So In Love With You

By Daryl & Kenny

Here's the intro to the song (Daryl), as well as some modifications to the bridge part (Kenny). Daryl's pod xtl is currently out of action, so he has plugged his guitar right into his amp.. tho the sound isn't too good you can still hear the parts.

---------10-- (x3)

This part was omitted in the video.. move the last note up instead of down.

Do lots of alternate picking with fretting hand mutes.


Anonymous said...

kenny u using digital delay or is that a delay effect ur using with ur pod xt live? it sounds terrific!! love it =]

Manny said...

hey, does anyone know the chords for the chorus and bridge? thnx.

kenny said...

Its the pod xtl digital delay.

Chen said...

Just wondering is this song in standard tuning???