Shout it Out (intro)

by Daryl

Kenny: here's Daryl's second post, on Planetshaker's Shout it Out. From the video, you can see that he vibrates the string by bending it up and down slightly. This excites the note, and its called a 'vibrato'. Its a great way to make your notes sing out. Also, theres quite a lot of little finger work, make sure you're comfortable playing with that finger.

(Vibrato-ed notes have a ~ at the end)

Kenny: One 'trick' that I like to do is to tune the lower E string down by two notes (or two frets), to get the D note (it should be the same note as your D string), and play it as follows below. I also do a vibrato on the last note, with the little finger:


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-YeaNwerN- said...

hey kenny!!
can you post the tabs for the chorus?