Come to Praise (Planetshakers) (Drop D Power Chords)

A thumb injury a few months back made gripping the guitar tightly difficult for me. I had difficulties playing power chords then, but I realised that by tuning your guitar to a drop D tuning (lower the thickest string, the E note, to a D note), power chords could be played with one finger:

Strumming the lowest three strings (the three thickest ones) without fretting them give a D power chord. Fretting the 1st fret for these strings give a D# chord, and so forth. In the example above, I played the following chords (from Never Let Me Go by Planetshakers) :

A - 7th fret, E - 2nd fret, F#m - 4th fret, D - open string.

Applying this to Planetshaker's Come to Praise:

You'll realise that the other fingers may be needed (including the pinky) because the chords change really quickly. Here are the chords, figure out where to fret on your own!

B D E E, A B D E E
B D E E, A B D F E E

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