Hillsong London Album Archive

Hail to the King
Hail to the King
Hail to the King (studio)
He is Greater
I'm not Ashamed (studio)
I Receive
Look to the Cross (live)

Rise (studio)
The Call
You Are Here (live)
You Are Here (studio - verse parts)
You Brought Me Here

Jesus Is

Above All
Follow the Son
Follow the Son (more additions)
It's a New Day
Jesus Is
Lord of All
Lord of All (variations)
Only One For Me
Only One For Me (variations)
Saviour's Love
Till I See You (with phaser)

Shout Your Fame
My God
Shout Your Fame


juriel_meneguetti said...

hey! i´d like to know if u can post king of majesty from hillsong
london, the chorus.

Dan said...


Mr. Burns said...

Please do their version of How Great is Our God! =D

Phreakdrummer said...

could i get I'm Not Ashamed by Hillsong London

tan said...

HEy could u post the song "You are here" from the album Hail to the king?

Dan said...
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Dan said...

You Deserve... maybe a video post of this?

It's down a semi-tone from This is Our God


(again with live music videos - it's obvious that what he's playing is slightly behind / ahead of what's been shown - Post edit nightmare)

Intro Harmonics something around


B-8-8-12-12-8-8-10-10 (10 can be a nice slide back E and over and over again - like a cheaters version of the TIOG riff

Chorus 1

Play B 8 then slide to 9 and bend up then back down and pull off to 8
That's done quite a few times..

Verse 2... same as V1
Chorus 2 - I'd either play similar to TIOG (but down 1 fret) or just normal chords)

Bridge - Start E 10 (or B15)
B 12 13 10 12 13 10

Chorus again

Finishing on C

Karloz!! said...

can you post the tabs of history maker??

See you!!

aaron said...

hey hey! totally love this blog! helped me in alot of worship sessions in cell!

can i request for the tabs/chords of In You I stand by Hillsong London? i think the album's Shout God's Fame.

Thanks! (:

jasper said...

pls help me!!!can u give me a tab and video!!! I Give You Glory by outbreakband!!!!tnx!!!and GOD BLESS!!