You Are Here (Studio)

Jerome previously did this song, based on the live version, but the studio version has a few additional riffs in the verse. You can use these in the intro too, as they use the same chords.

There are two guitar parts playing together, one clean, one lightly distorted.

Anyway, I'm using a new camera, which is built into the monitor of my new laptop. Its much clearer, and the lens seems to be able to capture a wider angle. Hope you like it, and the new tee too :)

Clean guitar parts


Distorted guitar parts


Lucas said...

Hey man, may I ask you which guitar is this you use? I'm curious... And which model of seymour duncam do you use in it?
Tnks... xD

kenny said...

Guitar = Ibanez SZ520QM
Pickups = JB bridge, Jazz neck

kev☺ said...

hi kenny.. bro..

you did great in this vid..

i have this prob. i can't find this song in the web.. hehe...

do you have a copy or so.. a song.. i wanted to sing this in our band in church...


daniel said...


Tim Hughes wrote this song. Here's the chords:

daniel said...

Ok, I thought this was the comments for the song above. Won't happen again:)