Emmanuel (acoustic arrangement)

Here's an arrangement I did of Emmanuel, from Hillsong's God He Reigns album. It's done entirely with the acoustic - I made three tracks, one with strumming, another with plucking (with some delay), and the last playing the melody. Hope you like it!

If you want to have a go at the melody, download the backing track here. You can also download the song here.

Click here for the electric tabs, which I used for the song on the acoustic.
Also, check out an unplugged version of Hosanna.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny

Keep the acoustic arrangements coming... they sound great..

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep the acoustic stuffs coming! :)

Luv how the 3 arrangement comes together..

Anonymous said...


Warrior4jc said...

God Bless you and your all work..u really have been an inspiration for me.. put some more acoustic ;))