Hosanna 'Unplugged'

Arranged an instrumental version of Hosanna with just the acoustic and electric guitars, enjoy! I left out the 2nd verse and bridge part (lazy) though. There were sync-ing problems too as the software didn't track perfectly, so some parts sound un-synced.

With Singing (thanks to Angus for lending his voice)

Download the mp3.

Instrumental Version

You can download the mp3 here.

The chords i strummed for the intro are quite interesting, here they are:
C#m G#m A B

I also played the United and Hillsong solos concurrently for the instrumental, thought it turned out quite nicely. One last thing note is how the acoustic's strumming ties up all the parts together, acoustic players are important & you need to take your role very seriously!

Lastly, here's the song without the melody, if you want to sing/jam along. Download the mp3 here.


Anonymous said...

Not really heard of this song but it's nice. Which album is it? What key this song is in btw?

*I play acoustic so I'll say this is good. Thanks for reminding me again for my important role no matter which song it is as all the time every people will talk more about electric, solos etc rather than acoustic. :)

kenny said...

'Hosanna' by Hillsong and Hillsong United. The song is in E.

Yes every member of the band is important :)

Nicolas said...

Hey. nice tabbing for the song. =). cool. the best so far i heard for hossana. =D

h4ck3r said...

do you have the tabs for the e guitar?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny, I'm from the 1st poster and watch it on Youtube..wah..the best worship song besides Mighty To Save..

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to play this song, i never would of figured these chords out..it seems like you combine power chords in it:)

Anonymous said...

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