1st Anniversary: A Year in Review

Here's a Year in Review.

I had a look at the stats, and two things jump out:

i) The blog now attracts a healthy 2,500 visitors and almost 12,000 page views every day. This number is still growing! We should hit 2,000,000 pageviews today as well - say 'I am the 2,000,000th' on the tagboard if you see the counter hit 2 million!
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ii) Visitors come from all over the world.

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Indeed, Christian musicians all over the world are thirsty to excel in their worship for God! You guys are really excited by each new song that comes out, from all sorts of churches and artists. Many of you are young, hence a generation that desires to give God their utmost praise is rising. I pray that your community will truly see your praise and see God's love and power in your lives, no matter country or church you are in.

The guitarpraise forum has also become a meeting point for like-minded, worship devoted musicians from all over the world. We now have 550 registered users and over 6,400 posts since it opened in January. Do join in the discussions if you've not registered!

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Gerald and myself also conducted a series of workshops on aural skills, as well as an introduction to guitar effects. Participants had to bring non-Christian friends so we could pray a blessing for them after the workshop, and make connections amongst guitarists. We managed to bless a handful of non-Christians, and I hope that this is just the start of something bigger :D

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I must also thank all the contributors who have taken the time and effort to tab out songs, attend to requests, and do the video instructionals. Even if you have done one or two posts, or dozens of posts, I applaud you guys all the same, and hope to see more of you soon:

Daryl, Bass Levite, Tadeu, David, Ronald, Troy, Gerald, Philo, Giusepe S. Moreno, Jerome, Luigi, Dave, Ben Burnett, Temo Morales, Chris Lang, Eman, James, Kyle, Chris.

On top of that, you must, must, must check out the rhythmpraise blog, which is patterned in the same spirit as this blog.

Not all was smooth sailing though. I tried to initiate the LifeJan video in Feb, a stitching together of sorts of many of our guitaring, alongside our personal testimonials. But the response was poor, and the recording quality wasn't good. Perhaps we can give it another try in the coming months? :)

Lastly, I checked up the viewership rates for the youtube videos. The top ten songs in terms of viewership are:

10) Lord I Lift You Name on High (16,177)
9) Salvation is Here (17,159)
8) The Time has Come (17,461)
7) Mighty to Save (18,061)
6) Break Free (18,397)
5) Lead Me to the Cross (18,499)
4) What the World Will Never Take (18, 668)
3) Salvation is Here Bass (21,239)
2) Take it All (26,116)
and number one is.....
1) Hosanna (28,864)

That's it for a year in review. Pls pray that me and all the contributors will continue to find time to help everyone out. Most importantly, rock the world for Christ!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny, that life jan video looks interesting but I only have an acoustic, will that do? I don't record so this is something new to me. How do I jack in to the pc though?

kenny said...

Don't do yet.. I'll do up a new version for everyone to record :D

When i have the inspiration that is!

Anonymous said...

Okay, cool. :)