The LifeJam Video

People sometimes post backing tracks (instrumental background music) on guitar forums for one another to jam over, record, and share their ideas.

This gave me an idea, using Selah (before Hallelujah) from United We Stand, to have some form of global worship on our instruments (guitars, bass, drums, vocals...), whereby each musician is given four bars (or 4 chords) to worship freely on his or her instrument. By videoing, recording, and stitching each clip up, we can create a video clip that demonstrates God's people's unity in worship around the world.

But we worship God because He has touched our lives intimately, and the video would look like some egoistic jam session if viewers were unaware of our testimonies. Thus, as each musician plays along, his/her:
- name & country first appears,
- followed by a short sentence about a problem or what life was without God,
- and after which a short sentence about what God did in your life.
I got this idea from a placard presentation in my church, which was quite touching.

I did a small demo here, for you to get an idea (there's bad grammar in there, whoops!):

Musicians are thus needed for this to work out!

If you are interested in worshiping alongside fellow musicians around the world to testify about God in your life to non-Christians, drop me an email at with:
- Your name & country
- Your two-sentence testimony
- Your video clip.

For the video clip, set the background music soft, i'll add that in. Instead, try to make your instrument's part stand out. Because I might have trouble sync-ing your audio to the original recording, pls start the first note on the first beat of the bar. There are several parts you can choose from:
- The 'airy' start and ending (4 bars, chords are A A A A)
- The gradual build-up (4 bars, chords are D/A, E/A, A A)
- The climax (4 bars, chords are F#m F#m A A)

Also, you don't have to play any fanciful stuff (for instance, just a few notes for the airy or build-up part is enough); this is not a showcase, but an opportunity to express your worship instrumentally, and most importantly, to share your testimony.


Anonymous said...

I am definetly interested. I guess we need to know the timing as wel as the tempo of the song.

kenny said...

Do you have the United We Stand album but United live? Its the 2nd last track inside.

Howard said...

Kenny 1st time visiting diz blog..
Thank God for you.. yes i am intrested in diz project..
am working on my recording.. haha
but ive did my own rythm but same chord given by you.. its ok rite?

will send u d video once its done.. ^^

God blez