Guitarpraise Collaboration - Salvation is Here

Jerome posted the tabs to a prelim version some time back - the final version is up after months of collaborative effort, check out the video! Download the mp3 here.

Discuss the video at the Guitarpraise forum. Also, do check out the other ongoing collabs :)

Timmy - Drums
Darren - Bass
Jerome - Guitar (Cort Katana guitar on the center)
Eman - Guitar (les paul guitar on the left)
Jeff - Guitar (les paul guitar on the right)
Zach - Vocals
Ira James- coordinating/mixing/mastering/video editing


Neil Rey Gallano said...

Awesome! More please!

:::CRISTOADICTO::: said...

Very good job, I liked it.
Blessings from Chile.

ibc said...

simply genius!

aaron said...

This is cool!!
keep it up!!

Josh said...

awesome loved it.. wud love to hear more.. God Bless u all

Daniel said...

Really, really Great Guys!!!
You have to repeat the experience. I know it's dificult, but you wont regret.
God Bless you all.

Kalil Carvalho said...

Fantastic !
Congratulations dears,
I know it's not easy to perform Hillsong's songs, and you did it very well !
God bless you all...

Greetings from Sao Paulo - Brazil

J.A.M Moore said...

The Vocals rock great job guys!!!

pojpoj24 said...

good job keep it up guyz like your voice cool!!

Felix said...

Really liked it, might wanna consider using better drums though... the symbol sounds like a big wok, quite unsettling, especially in the 2nd verse.