How Great is Our God ('Every Step I Take' version)

Realised that the two songs have the same chords.. hence....

I tried to insert Brewster's fill from Love the Lord (after the end of the video), but failed badly.. humbled yet again! Also, the clean riff i used was adapted from Reuben Morgan's Let Creation sing.

Tabs (for the first riff)
With palm mutes




Anonymous said...

sounds A LOT like "i'll be missing you" by puff daddy lol.
check up on it =) hahaha
love it though.
keep it up!
god bless

Rolly Polly said...

Hmmm ..., isn't this a rip-off of The Police's "Every Breath You Take"?

Seitz Family said...

love that ending - me thinks it should be added to the tab!

Joe said...

Yeah, the Puff Daddy "I'll be missing you" is based off of The Police's "Every Breath You Take"

Sean Yuen said...

Hi Kenny,

How do you record those riffs in realtime? I see you play 2 bars then it gets looped. I'm a newbie, do not know these stuffs.

Anonymous said...

I have a very nice cover to this song, probably soon we will record it :)

romnick said...

hey..thats a great men...hmm.i love the ending of that insert..but i can follow because the tab is not there..kindly put it for us..haha..ty..God bless...

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