Greetings from Tokyo!

Hi from Tokyo! If you recall, I mentioned checking out the guitar shops here. Dropped by the area, and their offerings are truly amazing.. about a dozen of guitar shops along the same street, stocked full of guitars and pedals, some even up to 5 floors of instruments. Check it out:

Even cooler were the guitarists here.. came across this busker while shopping at Shinjuku:

Visited the Shinjuku Shalom church too, and I enjoyed the warm company, engaging sermon, and uber tight band. Good stuff.


Omar said...

ahaha, I'll be leaving to Japan this summer too!

Wonder if we can get to see each other along the way! xD

Have fun dude ! God bless !

by the way, hows that thumb ? xD!

Joshua said...

I want to go to Japan now.........Thats by far the best busker I've seen....Hope your thumb recovers Kenny! May God keep you save while your in Japan..

Mike said...

Wow.....I'm having a Dragonforce moment just watching that guy.

L said...

Haha. That's pretty awesome.
I really want to go to Tokyo now o-o
How are the prices of the guitars and pedals there? Cheaper I'd assume :P

Stephen said...

i'll be in tokyo in a month! could u tell me the name of the area of guitar stores? It's not the same as the electronics area, ahihabara?


kenny said...

its ochanomizu, a stop next to akihabara.. exit from ochanomizu-bashi.. have fun!