Kim Gentes' Worship Song Blog

Here's a blog similar to guitarpraise, but tons better in terms of video quality, check it out! The blog covers mainly older songs on the acoustic. Sample:

About the author:

Kim is a local church guy, currently serving as a worship leader and associate pastor at SanTan Vineyard Church in Chandler, AZ which is a new church launch in the south east valley of the Phoenix metro area. We are very committed to training and encouraging the Body of Christ, and out of that passion, Kim started, now one of the premier destinations for worship resources. In 2001, Kim pioneered an integrated worship, arts, community gathering that has become known as "the Worship Gathering". In 2008, Kim launched, a new online workspace for churches. During the day :) Kim serves and works as the president of He also continues to give direction to the Worship Gathering.

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