I'm Not Ashamed (with harmonics)

Here's a variation on some of the riffs in I'm Not Ashamed.. instead of playing them as usual, I played the notes using harmonics. Quite like the harmonics fill in the verse too (in between the chords)!

There's a demo at the back where I played some notes with harmonics first, then by plucking them. It sounds much more jarring when you pluck them.

Use harmonics throughout.


---12-12------------12---- Followed by
-7-------12-------7------- G D

Em G C Am
Alternatively, you can do palm mutes to fill up the gap.

2nd part


Benny G said...

wow that's really great! theres a bend in there which i think can only be done plucking or with a trem, but man thats a really nice way of doin it!!!!!
all you guys are true champs, God bless!

Anonymous said...

Our church does this song in E and pretty much every other song in different keys! haha, so i get to transpose.. its great!

Anonymous said...

that was amazing....really great...i can't help but smile while watching...hehehe...God Bless you guyz...ΓΌ

[ken-x] said...


When you say Harmonics and you say you pluck them, you're talking about pinch Harmonics, right? the ones you do with your thumb and pick?

kenny said...

nope.. i used natural harmonics..