Look to You (Bass)

By Bass Levite

To get it to sound right, you need to use a combination of left hand muting and playing some notes with the middle part of your third finger. This may take some practise. Notes in <> are played with the middle part of the third finger.





The notes in * are played relatively softly, not full-on hammered. Just touching it. Although it's soft, they are essential to create a "smooth" transition from the low C to the middle C; mimicking a slide. This is a useful skill to learn if you want to go up one octave smoothly and fast. Sliding is slower and more prone to error because it involves movement of the arm.


temo said...

AWSOME!!!! Thanks a lot for making this!!!

the sole survivor said...

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BaSS_LeViTE said...

to temo... welcome!

to thesolve survivor... ?!?!

Paul said...

Ok. so when u transition from 3h to 5*, u don't slide right? and i'm havin alot trouble pressing the 5(A string), then the 5(D string), then the 5(G string) and back - so quick. - are u pressing all those notes with just ur ring finger? plz it'd be awesome if i could get some tips! thx!

Anonymous said...

BAh... the "third finger" means ur ring finger.. i've using the "middle finger" the whole time no wonder this was soo hard. stupid me

Anonymous said...

What do you mean with "the middle part of your third finger?"

Anonymous said...

I got it already I think, thanks!

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