Guitarpraise: What the World Will Never Take (Intro)

I was playing this song at church recently, and found that adding lots of fretting hand (LH for many of us) mutes helped fill up the music pretty well:

To do a mute, lightly touch the string with your finger, without pressing it down on the fretboard. Picking the string will produce a muted sound, which can be quite rhythmic if you pick it right.

^ = mutes


GabonMx said...

thanks, i play like the video, but how did you get that little pitch on the mute?

Yuri said...

That's exactly what Nigel did on the recording!

It's a harmonic, you create it by touching the strings right above the fret, and then pick the string, the most common places (on my guitar) are 5, 7, and 12. Of course there are more..

Generations said...

hey kenny, what xtlive setting do u use for this song? cos i'm using a xtlive too and playing this song for service this sunday, appreciate ur kindness !

kenny said...

I used patch 1B for the song.

heka said...

but this is not everything, right after this intro comes another one
like this, but i dont know the right fret


Anonymous said...

Can you search for the solo of "What the world will never take" in the CD "LOOK TO YOU".it's not the same solo. please.

Sindre said...

Hi! My name is Sindre and I am a guitarist in noraway in a band called EN80 band:)
And we play many of thees songs but thank you for helping me with the cords and notes:)

Justin said...

Hey kenny, did you put up the chords for the chorus somewhere? I can't seem to find them.