Take it All (intro, chorus, bridge variation)

Youth Alive came down to Singapore early this year, and they made some interesting variations to Take it All, some of which we incorporated in church.

The Hillsong and United versions of the song start off rather weakly, but sometimes you need the song to start off with some 'ommmph'. We changed the intro by changing the drums, and starting off by having the electric play some barre chords & octaves. You can find the tabs & video here.

We also played around with the 'whoa oh ohs' in the chorus. Firstly, we created a break in the music, or what we call a 'choke'. Secondly, we got the drums to crash on each word, and the instruments to play the chords there. So 'whoa-oh-oh' is accompanied by 'crash-crash-crash', and the chords 'E-E-B'. By the way, you can use this in 'Tell the World' too: 'Tell the world that Jesus lives (crash-crash-crash)', where the first crash is on 'lives'.

Lastly, I used a flanger effect for the bridge, to create a 'hanging' sorta sound.

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Aaron said...

hey there kenny, nice arrangement there, but i think it's a lil messy, the vocals are quite unclear, and the drums kinda drown the other instruments, just a friendly reminder =)


Brian said...

it might just be the recording. and nice arrangement :)

kenny said...

I know that they don't mixing or edit the audio for the video.. it could be recorded as it was mixed for a live setting, so it could be poor mixing. Frankly I'd put the vocals softer, and some of the other instruments louder too..

Anonymous said...

The guy with the deep voice!!!!!1
geez luis, fix ur mics plz! yall have definite talent,except for the drums in some parts, but with ur sound like that its an untuned guitar

Chris said...

Hey Kenny, your praise team did an awesome job with that song!

Hope you don't mind me ading my bit though - my worship team's vocals sounded just like yours a while back - pretty uneven volume-wise, and so we invested in a pretty cheap compressor, it was about £100, a behringer multicom I think it is, and it evens out the vocals 'so' much, it made a huge difference to how professional we sound. Thought my comment might help you in the future.

Other than that, like I said, awesome take on that song, and it was great to finally hear what you sound like in a band!