Here I Am to Worship (bass)

By Bass Levite

| E B | F#m | E B | A | 2x

| E | B/D# | E/G# | A | 2x

Bridge 1:
| B E/G# | A | repeat many times

Bridge 2:
| E | B | C#m | A |
| E/G# | B | C#m | A |

This is the chorus variation to the Hillsong version.

Going from A to the high A at the end of the verse...


This is a very common way to transition one octave higher, which can also be done without the hammer-on notes too.

During the build up to the verse, play the descending E scale.


Play it in sync with the words "here i am to worship".

In the chorus, there is a constant A - B note added as part of the variation done compared to the original.






Andrew said...

hi.. thx alot for this tabs...God bless!!! :)

BaSS_LeViTE said...

You're welcome! =)

Anonymous said...

hi.. you're so great.. keep it up bro.. hope to be like you in playing bass guitar..


Anonymous said...

hey bro,
cant wait to be with musicians like you in heaven. Godbless

[wow, we would be seeing DAVID slap his harp] ^^

continue to be used by God

iortizvictory said...

Wow! I can't wait to try these tonight! Such a great song too. I like your style. Very cool!

Stevie boi said...

hi i have a problem coz i dnt knw bass notes do u knw wher i can get them frm thanx

ken2012 said...

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ChocolateSoul said...

what does the f #m mean? its been a long time since i looked at notes. thx.