Getting to Know You Better

Hey all,
I've been curious as to who my readers are, and would like to get to know you guys better. It'd be really neat if you could leave me a comment in this post, briefly telling me your:

[name], [country], [church], [feedback & comments on the blog].

I've started the first entry, so do tell me about yourself too, don't shy! I've left a permanent link to the comments page on the sidebar as well, so you can add your name any time.


kenny goh said...
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zeng said...

Liwei, Singaporean, St John's Chapel, great job!!! Keep it up. This is on my bookmarks

Anonymous said...

sam, U.S. (california), San Francisco Full Gospel Church, love this site and keep up with the good work bro. God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

New Hope Baptist(US)
Agape Presbyterian(SG)

played guitar for 8 years.

i love this site bro, u did a pretty good job with the tabbings. thanks for the effort, keep up with the good work.
Continue to rock for God.

Sam said...

Thailand, Maesai

Hey kenny, great job. Thanks for all the videos. Keep up the passion.

Fin said...

Jonathan Quay (Fin), Grace Methodist Church, you guys have a really good website, it's awesome to see like, christian bro's out there just putting in to help one another- it's a really good site at that, and you guys are awesome players. Keep up the good work yea?!

Take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

hey man i would really appreciate it if you could post intro for"i believe" hillsong mighty to save album, i'd like to play it for the re-opening of our church building so if you could mate thanks

gerald said...

Hi Kenny.

I'm Gerald from Singapore. I worship at St. John's-St. Margaret's Church.

This blog is a absolutely great resource for christian musicians. A real blessing.

And I feel I'd be able to contribute to this blog too because I play many other songs for youth services as well. Do contact me if possible yah? :)

Benjamin said...

Hey there

I'm Benjamin, originally from Malaysia, moved to USA about 3 months ago. Worship at MCMC/Malaysia and Destiny City Church/USA

Thx for da songs n all. Been a great help

God Bless Ya

Adrian said...


Adrian, Melbourne - Australia, attending Evangelical Chinese Church!

This site is really good, lotsa tabs for songs that we do at church! It's been really helpful!

Gabriel said...

Gabriel , Curitiba-Pr , Brazil!
i play guitar with my band in Curitiba and in my church with teenagers ministry =]

great site man!
i'll need some help!
so i hope that you help me!

God Bless You!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Laurence from Tabernacle of Faith International Lighthouse, Pasig, Philippines

This Site is really good. It helps me in playing worship songs like songs from Hillsong. Looking forward for more tabs and chords! Thanks! God Bless!!