The Time Has Come

Pre-Chorus (variation)
Here's an arrangement that I made for the pre-chorus of The Time Has Come, which involves plucking the chords while palm muting the strings. The main idea here is to create more motion in the lower register for the electric guitar, especially if there is only one electric guitarist.

While the original chords were E F#m D, i changed them to Esus2, F#sus2, and Dsus2 for a different effect. Some delay helps to make the notes transit to one another more smoothly.

Play Esus2 F#sus2 Dsus2 Dsus2 twice for the pre-chorus, using the following fingering (the pattern is the same for all the chords):




By request, here it is, sound clip first, followed by the tabs:

If the tabs are too small, click on them to view a larger version.

Bridge (variation)
Here's an arrangement

Its sometimes fun to do flashy stuff on the guitar, like this wah+tap thing I came up with for the bridge part of the Time Has Come.

I used it once for service, and no one complained, though I did turn my volume down, so it might be usable - but do let the worship leader or band leader listen to it before you use it for service!

Here are the tabs, all the tapping is done on the E string (the thinnest string). Throw in some delay & wah (slowly depress the wah to get a 'sweeping wah' sound).






I suspect this would be one of the most challenging lessons, so don't fret if you have trouble with it!


Doug said...

dude, the variation you made up for this song is pretty awesome! keep up the good work! just so you know, i watched your video on youtube for "The Time Has Come" and it helped me greatly in figuring out the guitar riff for that song!

Keep up the good work!
May God bless you brother!

Anonymous said...

Man... on Youtube you have an video with the introduction of "The Time Has Come"... it's pretty good...

You said the tabs are on
Where can I find them...? I was looking around a while and just don't find them... Thanks a lot

pesmerga08 said...

I think the bridge variation is kinda noisy.. Maybe it can only be used on solos..