Take Heart

Here's Take Heart by Hillsong United.

By Aaron

For the verse I find that using fingers works better than a pick, as the notes are more mellow and soft, compared to when you use a pick. It's mostly just playing up and down the chords.

In terms of effects for the verse, I have no distortion/overdrive (maybe a little clean boost, but thats it). I prefer to have the delay turned off but if you'd like to use a delay, make sure it's soft.

In this video I had the reverb on my amp turned right up, and it sounds a lot nicer with the reverb, but it doesn't come through in the video as the recording goes straight from the effects board into the computer.

Download the tabs here


Da Russian said...

I think a capo would make it easier

Aaron said...

Yeah, capo on 4th fret and playing G shapes would work, but I prefer not to use one, so that there is slightly less ringing out from the notes, but that's just me, Capo would actually work quite well if there were no good reverb available.

I also believe that Joel Housten uses a capo when playing it.

Greg Mah said...

Thanks for this! You're awesome!

Aaron said...

thanks dude tab is really accurate appreciate the work keep it up and btw my name is Aaron too :)

Asbjørn said...

So cool guitar! :-)

Check out my blog:

Aaron said...

Thanks, it's a nice guitar, but I'll be getting it replaced in a month or two with a Black Penguin!

Michael said...


Thanks very much for sharing this. It has really helped my guitar playing.


cecillia said...

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