Father's Heart

By Matt

Intro/Verse //:


hust repeat that little riff. it's pretty simple to feel it out

Chorus (with alternate chord structures)
E A C#m A


Instrumental line

Just repeat that scale until you ring out by sliding from the 12th fret on the B string all the way to open


Zach said...
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Zach said...

Play it how you want, but the way the song was written doesn't have a dotted 8th.

They run a straight quarter delay with the effect level at about 35-40% the volume of the dry signal, and the repeats not too high. That way it sort of trails off in the background. Adds just a little bit of echo to thicken up that Duo Jet's part.

The lead part keeps the delay going at those settings the whole time.

Playing it with the dotted 8th gets in the way of the drum beat, and the bass line. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

yeah I know. but like i have told others, The videos I make are not effects demos, they are to show the tabs and how the parts are played. I never play this in a live setting with the dotted 8th except when I'm doing worship at a small group where I only have an acoustic, electric and bass just so it fills in up.

David said...

Hey dude.. love the tutorial :D
just wondering what effects/pedals you're using to get the sound for the chorus and lead parts. Thanks God Bless !!

Anonymous said...

I run through a POD xt live. I have a video on my youtube that explains the delay effect, I will be posting one for the rhythm effect soon. but here it is typed up.
AMP: Line 6 JTS-45 (model #3 on my pedal). drive - about 1:00, bass - 11:00, Mid - full, treb - full, Presence - 4:00, set the volume where you want.
STOMP: Screamer. Drive - 40%, Gain - 50%, Tone - 65%
MOD (only turned on during select solos for more power): Fx-Hi-Talk. speed - 0.80 hz, depth - 0%, mix - 30%, Q - 0%
DELAY: Tube Echo. time - 8th note, feedback - 48%, mix- 15%

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video! I have to agree with the other poster though, that the delay causes way too much chaos. It takes away from how all the instruments blend together and get's too stressfull...don't get me wrong, I love some good delay, but like anything, it has it's place. It would sound sweet in a build part without vocals where it's a "solo" for guitar, but it distracts from everything else, and in a "worship" setting that's something to be conscious about even more so.

Thank again for posting it though!

mique1050 said...

Do you play for a church called 3n1???

cecillia said...

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