A quick update

Hi folks!
I mentioned earlier that I've been really busy with wedding preparations, far too busy to work on the blog. Well, I've finally tied the knot, but have been overseas - separate holiday and business trips - for quite some time. Things will be a little slow when I get back because I've not set up the internet in my new home either.

So hang in there and stay tuned, keep those contributions coming as well!

In the meantime, you can check out this fantastic website which I frequent, with quite thorough daily lessons (non-Christian songs though) - http://www.guitarlessons365.com/

- Kenny (in a London hotel lobby)


sean said...

Kenny, congratulations. God has blessed you as you have blessed others. Amen!

Teng said...

Gratz on your wedding and grats on the new home =D
God Bless

guitar_pic said...

Congrats! All the best to you and your wife!

Stephen said...

Congrats Kenny. God bless you for being a blessing to me.