More GP Forum Collabs

Ever since the draft mix of 'Salvation is Here' was done a couple more collabs have been started! There's All for Love (Planetshakers), Hosanna (Hillsong), and the already ongoing Time Has Come (Hillsong).

Check out the threads at the Guitarpraise Forum to join in, get to know more Christian guitarists, and have fun playing together!


bevan said...

Hi, just some suggestions for the team recording the track, i suggest using REAPER. audacity is messy and has terrible terrible compression.

jrbilodeau said...
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jrbilodeau said...

not sure if you've ever heard of but they have a bunch of free web based media creation apps, one of which is a recoding program called myna. i think it looks similar to adobe audacity.

Ira James said...

Hey, thanks for the Suggestions! Well we pretty much use Industry Standard software. I mixed the Salvation Is Here collab using Samplitude 10 SE. The other guy mixing the other collabs is gonna use Pro Tools.