For Your Name

Here's For Your Name by Hillsong, from their latest album. Its quite an easy song to play.

Play throughout, except for the third line for the verse, which goes:



sooho said...

what are the chords to the song?

Ben said...

hey kenny, this is ben (gonepostaltwice) from the forums. I tried to switch my email and now I can't login. Is there you could help me out. Thanks!


kenny said...

hey drop me an email, and i'll see what i can do from there..

Zack said...

Awesome, can you do the song "God One And Only" by Hillsong, It's on this album, Faith + Hope + Love

Blog said...

he man im learning to play guitar you can said the name of the efect

PD:(i don`t have a good english)

Emmanuel said...

hey Kenny, could you make a video
for the song "We The Redeemed"

it's hard to hear the lead haha
i wana see if i'm doing it right
thanks in advance God Bless

Josh said...

Kenny, thanks again. PLEASE tell me what patch you are using. The tone is awesome! Thank you!

kenny said...

hey it shld be patch 32C on my pod x3l patches that you can download

Caleb Smiler said...

theres alse different chords after the bridge thing.

Bm F#m A E

something like that, then goes usual chords when it goes to one strum per bar sorta thing.

Krishin said...

Hi Guys

for this song i play this part for the bridge , slight variation, Thought id share it with you guys


I play each note several times , with the same delay used for the intro.


Raul said...

hey guys GBU it would be cool if u guys take out the new song of hillsong....The answer....JD can download the demo at

Janrey said...

Hey guys! Please join the new forum.

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