Arms Open Wide

By Igor


----------------------------------- x2

Power Chords:
“Ooo”... = (G D A E G D A)

“My whole”: (D A B G A G A) x 2 D

Other Verse:



*Can play 10, it’s difficulty listen this part.


Adrian said...

pretty sure this is wrong.
what number strings are you playing. the tab sounds much higher.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with adrian, the tab is totally off, but the video is right, so i decided to tab it out according to the video.

i think it should be right, tried it ytd.

E ----------------------17
B 15-17-14-15-------------
G ----------------14------
D ------------------------
A ------------------------
E ------------------------
repeat and end on the first 15.

other verse:
E -------------17------------
B 15-14-12--------15-14-12---
G --------------------------------11
D -----------------------
A -----------------------
E -----------------------

sorry for untidiness, blogger is not tab friendly.

Franco said...

its fine!!!

Nathan said...

what power chords is he playing it doesnt look right to me, neither does it sond right

Joe Krueger said...

Could someone redo this Video with an updated version of the power chords

Joe Krueger said...

Or at least the Tabs for the correct power chord inversions, thanks

self-operation said...

Dear Igor, please update your tabs. Please please please. Thanks :)