Run (delay variation)

Here's an alternative riff you can play with the verse of Run, by Hillsong. Lots of dotted 8th note delay as usual. One 'trick' i did was to keep the top note of the first three chords the same.


Repeated, followed by

Download the video


Jam said...

Sounds awesome. . .Glad you back. . .

joeyfarol said...

hi kenny i'm new to line6 pod x3 live and i'm curious how you get those dotted 8th delays? could you share a patch or some settings i could use for church? we usually play hillsong on youth days. you're a very good guitarist. thanks and God bless.

bevan said...

hi joey. if you're interested, i have my approaches to the church patches are different from them. i took a long while to model hendroffs tone, and i am willing to share the patches if you want.