Beautiful One (Bass)

By Skippy

This is the basic tab of the song; there are some variations in the video but this gets the general idea across. Feel free to ask me any questions or let me know if there are any errors. Enjoy!

Piano Intro
Full Band Intro
Repeat Chorus
Quiet Break
Repeat Chorus

X = Ghost note
H = Hammer on
L = Pull off
S = Slap
/ = Slide up
\ = Slide down
P = Pop
D = Double thump (Thumb down and up) -this is used just as an optional

[Kenny: The tabs were too long to fit here, so i put them as a jpg file. You can also download the tabs here.]


robert said...

Whoa, haven't seen a bass tab her for so long.. So thanks for the contribution.. But I must say, as a bassist, that the slap/pop part, while making you look good, doesn't compliment the song. But that's just my opinion. This version is a much softer one than the usual, so the slap and especially the pop seem to break the softness of the singer and piano..

But to one's his own..

Anonymous said...

You might wonna mention this is Jeremy Camp's version of the song...

AznKenshin said...

I'm a bassist myself and first I'd like to say great job and thanks for your contribution.

However I didn't quite agree with the pop/funk style it had in the chorus. Personally, I would recommend that this version should be played fingerstyle -- so as to maintain the consistency of tone.

OneWay said...

My wife and I have watched this half a dozen times. It's fantastic. In contrast to the other comments, the slap and pop adds a great dynamic to the chorus. Well done on the comprehensive docco provided too! Her new bass should be arriving in the next week or so, and this is on her list of things to attempt :-)

Ryan said...

what kind of bass is that?

i think this is a really terrific way of infusing something into a song that's been done so many times in just a few ways. keep it up! and good job too!

don't ever be discouraged from trying new things

jonathan kim said...

bass players like me need to be very careful when it comes to slap/pop/etc because one of the biggest goals for all intrumentalist on a praise team is to not distract the congregation. And doing that kind of stuff tends to distract many people

praise teams are made so that they can call Christians to worship. not distract

but overall, good job :)

skippy000 said...

hi all! thanks for the comments. _jonathan- i do agree about the distraction in worship, however that shouldn't keep you from fully using your instrument. slapping is just another dynamic side of the bass. it helps to bring up the energy of a song and take it to a different level. With what you said you might say a piano player shouldn't do a slide since it might distract or even a singer clap too much. this all helps the move the song and create more feeling. this isn't to show off or look good. I can see that some things could "stick out" and be distracting if they aren't mixed well. but we all have an opinion and play in different settings. thanks
take care!