Backing Track

By Jerome

I did a backtrack for you to solo over, it's quite similar to Kenny's first loop on the blog but its inon the key of C (CGFG)... I used an Am pentatonic on the last part. Wish you like it even though it's quite simple.

By the way I use my Zoom G1X here and Audacity (no loop pedal). It took me a half hour to do this. Have fun!!!


Sion said...

Hi , I'm a beginner I wanna ask you a question
When we're solo should we know what's the chords running in the song or just play whatever sound you feel nice?

g4ss13 said...

Personally I play whatever comes into my mind. After some experimenting, you'll find that you're in fact playing on the lines of the chords.

Using the chords is a good starting point but don't get weighed down by it. Express yourself :)