Who are You? How's the blog doing?

I often monitor statistics on the blog through Youtube, to get an idea on who you guys are. Check it out:

1) What are Your Favourite Songs?
I usually chart the most visited songs (on my youtube channel) for the past three months, else songs that come up earlier would get more hits. Looks like the top songs are still Take it All and Hosanna.. surprisingly Lord I Lift Your Name on High comes in 3rd, thanks to the Americans and Europeans. Interesting to note too, is that the Asians seem to like bass videos quite abit!

2) What are Your Demographics?
For the past three months, majority of visitors (35%) are teenagers.. others are evenly spread out from 10-20% for each age group. I'm almost 10 years older than the majority age group, hope I can still connect with you guys!

Also not too surprising is that about 3/4 of visitors are male.

3) How's the Blog Doing?
From its incredible surge in its first two years, Guitarpraise seems to have reached steady-state of about 3,000 visitors each day (the red line charts the 2 week average as visits swing alot depending on the day of the week). I didn't graph it here, but each person visits about 4 pages within the blog on each visit too.

As usual, would appreciate your feedback in the comments (other than song requests pls)!


Tyler said...

im a subscriber and love what you guys do. thanks!

Jason Lee said...

How about some videos of you guys talking about stuff? So we can see your faces yeah? Haha maybe you could talk about your personal setups, or thoughts on worship etc. It would be great to be able to match a face to the hands we have seen SO MUCH of hehe.

Omar said...

This is really awesome. I remember when you first started this. I thought that it was "my little secret" on learning Hillsong riffs and what not.

Keep it up. =]

Hyun S. Kim said...

i want to see more talking from you guys
that would be awesome

Joshua said...

Yeah talking about your gear and stuff like Mr_Sooty (Cameron) and Cmorales are doing would be great!Aside from the fact that I have you on facebook I'd have no idea what the face behind those hands looks like, then again it just goes to show how humble you guys at guitarpraise are, great job guys! Also, a little more lessons on theory as in Chord stuff or just some scales would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey question .. how does it know how old i am and if im a guy or a girl? ... thats creepy :|

kenny said...

I think it only clocks registered users... that's how..

Anonymous said...

Could u post "song of hope by robbie seay band".Awesome song cool Delay please tab.God bless.