Desert Song

By Neil
Hi Guys. This is my first contribution. Use dotted 8th note delay. Tone wise I use a X3L and use dual amp mode using Vox AC-30 amp. I use chose R-Billy (Gretch) on my variax changing virtual pickup position according to the need of the song. Here it goes. If there is anything wrong with my tab please do let me know...

------------10-9- -7-
----7-5-7-------- -7-Harmonics
-5s7-7-7--7s9-9-- -7-
----------------- ---
----------------- ---
----------------- ---

Verse Harmonics: Just play around on the harmonics at 7th fret (no hard rules)

D-A-G-D (Barre Chords) continue on higher register:

x x x 5
10 12 8 5
9 11 7 7
7 9 5 7
x x x 5
x x x x

High Chorus: Using same higher register and end in Bm chrord (use a bridge pickup poistion)


Pluck embelishment with:

D Bm A D


Anonymous said...

your intro is wrong.

Josh said...

Well done! Thanks for the video and the tabs!

HSK11 said...

how good is the POD X3 Live
Neil...I said the same thing to Oliver, since both of you guys use the POD X3 Live.

I am having a hard time choosing between the XT Live and X3 Live.
I heard a lot of good things about both.
But I heard that the X3 Live isn't as good as most people expected.
Uhm...if you could, please send me an email about what you think of the X3 Live.
It would help me a lot.
The name is Hyun S. Kim

But great guys are awesome.

ephraim said...

POD XTL is way better than the X3 when it comes to durability...Try reading reviews on the net on you'll see what I mean...That's why I got XTL instead...

Neil Rey Gallano said...

Hi Hyun, yes X3 has had durability issues. But so far not my unit. I guess those people who have had problems don't really take care of their units. Most people complain about the foot switch issues. But then again, I am light footed... I know I don't need to jump on the switch just to get it to change patch. I bought mine december 2007. Used to have XTL too. Sold it and got my X3L. If you ask me, I am loving my X3L and will never get back to XTL anymore. Just the Dual Tone feature alone justifies every reason to upgrade. I have found it much easier to copy Hillsong tones using X3 because of the dual tone setup. As you know both nigel and micheal guy has a dual amp setup which are both available on the amp model X3 is offering. Then again thats your ultimate decision.

Dustin said...

the intro sounds right to me. Could you post your version so we can see what is wrong with what he has done?

timcooke said...

Thanks bro! It's very helpful, good job!

Snags said...

Hi there, in the intro where you play the 9th fret on the g string , that note is actually a slide up to the 11th fret on the g string. Listen to the song@ closely and you'll hear it. they play the 9th/pluck the 9th and slide up to the 11th fret before playing the 10th and 9th frets on the low e string. This forum has been a real blessing to me and you guys rock. God bless.

dan said...

Actually you guys are both right. There are two versions of the song. On the album "Tear Down the Walls", the intro is the descending riff. In any case, the intro that Neil plays here in the video is a riff that is repeated throughout the verses.

Try 'em both - quite different, but both work very nicely.

Anonymous said...

I had a XTL a long time ago and the newest owner still uses it every single week (four years old I think). Awhile back I got a X3L and the freaking thing started changing volumes, settings, effects, etc. DURING worship. I was mortified, I just had to quickly hook up a distortion pedal and either play clean or with that pedal. The X3L's tones are stunningly magnificent, but the reliability is a zero.

Neil Rey Gallano said...

@Deuce1620. Man I feel you. That problem has been resolved already. What was causing it was actually dust in contact points of the knobs. Line6 implemented a dead zone in the know so very slight movement or dust interference won't read a change parameter at all. :) Never happened to me though. I always keep my gear in the case everytime I don't use it. I always dust it off as well.

warbird2010 said...

I got rid of my reliability problems with the XTL our church owned, by replacing it with a Digitech RP500. Easier to edit on the fly, better tube tones on the mid level amps, and the volume control knows that zero means zero - I was calibrating the VP twice a week on the XTL and hoping to have a zero on Sunday. I finally installed a MUTE patch.