The Word (a composition)

Been almost a year since I wrote anything! Here's something I've been writing over the past few days, its based somewhat on John 1. Imagine reading the introduction to the book, and getting all excited over it!

If you like, you can download the mp3 as well, which is in much higher quality.

Lyrics - completed!

Jesus Christ, ruler of creation
are the light
shining in the darkness you're the

Lamb of God, author of salvation
are the life
your glory goes before us you are Lord

And on the earth you showed the way
And on the cross you died for me
And from the grave you rose again

In the darkness, your light is shinning through
In the deepest, your love is there
In your glory, you are Emmanuel
In your power, you are the Word

Worthy the Lamb who was slain
Worthy the Lamb who was slain
You took my guilt and my shame
Worthy the Lamb who was slain


Anonymous said...


Jason said...

honestly the intro sounds like a song for an anime hahaha

Anonymous said...

I think you should start composing video game music...:)

Anonymous said...

hi, what kind of program do you use to add the drum track?

Anonymous said...

Hey kenny do ya need vocalist for the songs? i wanna volunteer, i'm from singapore

kenny said...

i used anvil studio for the drum track..

yeah i need a vocalist.. maybe you could drop me a mail and i'll send u an instrumental version of the song to try out? you can record with a computer mic

sk said...

Hey K, that was amazing! Well despite it did sounded like an anime soundtrack(maybe it's the music station you've been listening to) no offense. But it IS kind of cool. And when I imagine the worship environment, I can't stop thinking about Indonesia.

Well, maybe when the lyrics are up and also vocals included, it'll sound different. I have the feeling that this could make it out into the streets(and churches).

Hope to get an update on this one.
Peace, all the way from Penang xD

sk said...

Oh yea, about the intro. This is my opinion, try not to be so melodious. Try to make the vocals do the melody and the rest do alto or tenor. Somewhat like a simple and solid riff. Sort of like a signature riff to the song, when people hears the intro, they'll do it's this song. So yeah, simple and solid.

Jean Fredrik said...

Hi, really cool song! i have the problem as you on writing songs, i get the to first lines then blank, i hope you finnish this of someday, it will be a really great song

kenny said...

thanks guys for the encouragement :D

when i try to put some singing into it the melody will definitely be tweaked... its different playing it on the guitar vs singing

sk: cool i've many friends from penang in s'pore :D

Alex said...

Hey kenny what is ur email address i was the one saying wanted to volunteer


Jared said...

Hey, For the Verse part's What if you just add "Everything to me" So it would be like (You are Everything to me) or even Change the "are" to "mean" for "You mean everything to me" Just throwing ideas out. And if i have the right Melody Going with it.

kenny said...

hey alex - you can find my email add under the 'be a contributor' link in the main page. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

GREAT SONG KENNY!! Tabs would be appreciated ;)

Anonymous said...

the chorus sounds like 'you deserve' esp the first part of every line. but great job!

Justin "Big Azn" Chan said...

sounds awesome.

haha everyones said it enough it sounds like an anime haha... i think its the synth

but i cant help but pick out that the chorus sounds alot like you deserve from hillsong united youth

but great job mate. better than i could do!

Anonymous said...

You looking for a vocalist??!?! Ive been looking for a Band that i can worship God with!!! I dunno if this works..but I'll pray about it... send me an email or sms me at 8301-9750. Im a former worship leader and youth worship director at my church...just moved to SG...hope we could jam sometime! God Bless!


Alex said...

this is awesome, must be so many talented writers out there,
trying to teach myself your song, do we have to pay you if we sing it at church? haha

kenny said...

nope.. don't need to pay me :D

But would be great if you could give me some feedback on the song after using it at your church. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No offenses, but... isn't that Hillsong United?

Warrior4jc said...

can you put some tabs please :D?