Open Mic Praise (sticky)

Lots of us write songs, but have no avenue to share them (not even within our churches sometimes too!). In Singapore where I live, we've some initiatives coming up, like gigs and sharing sessions, but Christian songwriters don't have an international platform that can reach out to a really wide audience.

Hence, I've opened a blog just for Christian songwriters to share their songs:
Before the blog is officially up and running, it needs songs.. it needs You! If you like to share your songs, drop me an email at with:
  • An audio/video recording of the song - a link to sites like youtube or imeem wld be fine.
  • Lyrics & chords of the song
  • A short background to the song - what inspired you to write the song, which part of the Bible is i based on, etc.
  • A short introduction of yourself - where you stay, how old you are, how your r/s with God inspires your songwriting.
Look forward to hearing your compositions!

Note however, that I can't, and won't offer copywrite protection. But posts on the blog will have a date, so if anyone copies your song, you can show that it was created some time before.


Anonymous said...

so...any good news? i really hope that open mic praise will be up soon...

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