Mighty to Save (2008)

Here's United's take on the song. The main differences are in the intro, verse, and instrumental (which sounds like The Stand's instrumental).

Intro & Verse





tmt7 said...

what about delay??

kenny said...

the usual dotted 8th note delay..

Ken said...

hi , what effect are you using? a single pedal or a board?

Anonymous said...

i actually like the intro riff for this one better

jjlucas said...

Can you go into more detail on how you are using your left hand on the intro/verse? It looks like you are barring the three highest strings on the 9th fret, but when I try to do it myself, I can't reach the 12th fret on the D string without muting the higher strings. Any advice?

Chris said...

same thing for me but after awhile alot of praticing and scales. I finnaly got my fingers to stretch long enough. Just keep stretching!

Jam said...

Ken, Kenny I believe is using a line6 X3 live.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys the notes are correct but i Feel it's easier to play them like nige does. This intro is the exact one Nigel uses for inside out from Mighty to Save. The intro is all played on the top 3 strings

This is how nige did it for inside out and its basically the same riff. Whatever works works but it's another way of doing it. PS Use for riffs like this use the neck pickup and dotted 8ths delays

Anonymous said...

so would the into/verse also be the part that goes "Savior he can move the mountains"?

Dan Sterud said...

Hey, just one thing, on the last part of the pre-chorus, instead of 13-14 13-14, it sounds like the one on the track when you drop the 13 two a 12. Try it out tell me if u think so.

Ignatius said...

what key is this in?