Praise Adonai (Bass)

By Bass Levite

Nice soloing by both the bassist and lead guitarist. The bassist's style of soloing is one of a kind; unique as his "signature style". A lesson to all musicians; initially you'll start learning by copying exactly, but after a while we should develop our own styles of playing and soloing that makes us distinct and unique.

Anyway, here's the solo. The first 4 notes are actually the Am7 arpeggio.





Can't hear clearly what's being played before the lead guitar comes in, so I just alternate playing G and A. That's a friend's bass I'm using to record; adjusted the bolt, string height and intonation for him. Haven't played a 4 string for sometime so I used it to record.


Pusung said...

pls help me find a bass tablature for Paul Baloche's 'Sing Out'. I've been through searching for along time now, and still unsuccessful. appreciate so much, if you can find me one. my email addy

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