The Wear the Word Project

Jerome recently printed the guitarpraise banner onto a t-shirt, and it looks pretty neat!

This has generated interest in what i call the Wear the Word project. This project assembles a team of artistically-inclined Christians who will design catchy Christian-related graphics, which are distributed online for free so that we can print them on t-shirts like what Jerome has done. The underlying idea is the same as guitarpraise - just as contributors teach others how to play Christian songs, other contributors can help design Christian graphics for clothing.

I am using the guitarpraise forum and blog as an incubator for this project, following which interested parties will open a new website/blog for this exciting project. Other than providing free designs for affordable printing (and telling everyone about Christ thru your clothes), some funds may be raised for Christian charities around the world as well. If you are interested, join the forum discussion!

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