Ending with a Unique Chord Progression

We extended the ending of Shout to the Lord with a rather interesting series of chords:

This helps extend the 'finale' of the worship service without being too long, as compared to having an entire instrumental reprise of the chorus.

The chords used here are:
A Gb5 F#m Dm/F A

Note that the first 4 chords create a descending bass line, so it feels a little like its ending. However, the transition to chords not found in the key (of A) cause the music to hang on a little longer, and ending on the root chord, A, resolves the built-up tension such that it creates a grander ending.


bass_levite said...

Nice. I've always wanted to know how to use chords which are normally not in the key to improvise. =)

Brandon said...

Maybe try some synchronicity. You're all doing your own thing and you sound tone deaf.

stever said...

i think it sounds very cool, thanks for sharing.

longge said...

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