The Listen Out! Workshop (sticky)

Updated the workshop location.

Hey all, I've firmed up the details on the workshop, which will be starting this Saturday. More details below, or download the pdf version.

Priority will be given i) to those who have more friends to bring, ii) on a first-come-first serve basis, so sign up as soon as you can!

By the way, you might feel nervous about bringing a friend, but i) bringing a friend to a guitar workshop is easier than bringing one to a church service, and ii) people generally don't refuse prayers of blessings, even if they react negatively against Bible sharing. Don't let this opportunity slip!


Wui-Ping said...

Did you write a wrong word on purpose, or is it a mistake?

Under "About the organizer"

Playing 'two' a congregation of 3,000 twice monthly.

Should it be - playing 'to' a congregation of 3,000 twice monthly.

kenny said...

whoops! my bad!