Guitar Workshop (sticky)

Hey everyone,
My church is on a campaign to pray a blessing for 100,000 non-Christians in the month of August - nothing too aggressive, the idea is to show a friend, colleague, or even a stranger a small brochure on the various aspects of the person's life that we can pray about (e.g. work, finances, family, school), and say a quick prayer for the person. People often turn you away if you slam them in the head with a Bible, but most will be willing to have you say a simple and short prayer of blessing.

I hence wish to organise a guitar workshop, one that you can bring a non-Christian friend down, and after maybe 1.5-2 hours of workshopping you can pray for your friend. It'd be the kind of session where you can go "hey I'm going to learn some guitar from my friend who is quite experienced, it's going to be about ______ on the guitar, i think you might like to check it out, probably would be useful for your upcoming gig".

Some additional pointers:
- I'll scan and email you the prayer brochure, & will print it out for you to assist you after the workshop.
- I live in Singapore, so it'd be conducted in Singapore. I'm looking to use a room at a church near the Kembangan train station.
- The workshop will be conducted either on a Saturday morning, or on National Day (9th Aug) morning, or maybe both!
- I'll use Christian songs for my examples.
- It's FREE.
- You can only come if you bring a friend to pray for.. the primary purpose of this is to bless our friends.

The problem is that I don't know what stuff to cover, so I would like to have your inputs. Something more general that non-Christians can use for secular music would be better, maybe stuff covered in the theory/techniques section. Also, I'm not a really fantastic guitarist, so I can't cover stuff like 'how to play 2,000,000 notes per minute' kind of lessons. My strength would be in aural stuff (playing by ear), basic music theory, rhythm guitar tips etc. The difficulty will be pegged at an intermediate-beginner level, so people who are pretty good might get quite bored. So, leave me a comment/pm/forum thread/email to suggest what stuff I can share, and I'll gather the ideas and use them.

Frankly I rather nervous about this, but I believe that God is for us, and there is no room for fear! If this goes ahead I'll post for applications in about a weeks time, so check back soon.

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