It's time to do some stock-taking again, and I'm glad to announce that things are continuing to look up for the GP blog.

i) Page Loads are continuing on its upward trend...
The number of page loads varies day-to-day, but the upward trend is quite clear. In particular, page loads almost hit 10,000 just a few days ago!

ii) No. of page loads per person roughly at a constant...The rising trend of page loads isn't driven by increasing page views per visitor, but rather, because the...

iii) Actual no. of Visitors is continuing on its upward trend...
The number of unique visitors is the main driver of page views as both move in tandem. In particular, the no. of unique visitors in a single day crossed the 2,000 mark just a few days back.

Improving the Site
Help me to serve you and your ministries better! Leave me a comment in this post on how you think the blog can be improved, other than doing more songs from so-and-so.


Tim said...

Hey, I've been paying attention to this site for some time now; it's really helpful. I'm not sure if this is along the line of your vision, but suppose you put up some videos of playing live. Perhaps you could point out how to do certain things, or maybe you could show us how to play along with others. Or show us how you use your pedals. But then again, what you're doing already is a lot, and it's really helpful. I'm trying to build up my theory behind music, and jazz up some songs.

Chr1stian08 said...

its all good man, maybe improve the quality for some of the videos and maybe type the chords from whole songs underneath the videos.

Johnson said...

I have been updating myself with this blog. I am pretty amazed of the "skills" different guitarists provides. Each of them definitely shows each capability in help others to get the lead, solo, prelude well.

Apart form that, I think more "others songs" in this blog will do, rather than having hillsongs all the time. hope you get what i mean. Hehe.. With this it will definitely allows various generation of worshippers improve their music skills in different kind of music styles.

Besides that, I think you(kenny) or some of your contributers can help in teaching different "new" chords or fill in. For example, G Em C D, how can we press them in bar chords or certain ways like different pro-bands do. =) hope this helps

aaron_ said...

well i reckon kenny's done that regarding the bar chords. he has told us improvisation of chordss using the high tone G B and E strings and some D B G strings as well. example would be Adonai in Hillsong.

The main power chords used in churchs are the normal 133xxx, x133xx and xx134x where these chords can be slide up and down. Now I know theres plenty of chords used, but particularly in church services where power chords are used, I know these are the mains.

Though learning new power chords would be interesting, cos that all I know at the moment.

I know acoustic guitars can be dropped down or up, providing greater room for musical explorations.

I guess an interesting thing to do is have a guitar course section within the site for beginners to intermediate, videos provided for both, where under the beginners videos for all kinds of scale leads up to the basic and most fundamental knowledge of music and theory (theory already on the web) and intermediate, which is pretty much the whole site atm, teaches inversions of chords, song improvising (can't really teach this) section video. I really don't know, go ask Dave. His website where lessons are offered could give u some knowledge to do this.

My church pretty much just sings planetshakers and hillsongs, and those good o' school music from integrity etc. Some of the requests that people make are not in relation to the music I play in church, thereby making this site a place for all kinds of guitar tabbing requests. I pretty much learn the songs that are sung in church and some artists that I knw of that sing christian songs but not used in church, I generally don't 'pick up' their playing style, but just use it for music listening and technique improvising. So this probably could help you, just focus on songs that are played in church.

wow long post. i must be high. take care.