Guitarpraise Listen Out! Workshop

I've just successfully completed the first series of GP workshops, and I want to thank all who took the effort to invite their friends down. I wouldn't say it was a roaring success, but I'm sure its a step to better workshops! I was also able to fine-tune the content, and adjust the pace of teaching over each session, and I hope to reach professional quality in the future.

Moving on,
- I'll arrange a session for you if you have friends to bring; just drop me a comment/tag/forum msg.
- Gerald will be conducting pedal workshops in August, do take the opportunity to learn form him, and get your gear tweaked and adjusted for you!
- I'll be happy to post the details up on the blog if you want to do anything similar in your country.

Here are some photos of the previous workshop:


SAMue1 said...

and... who would be who..?

Anonymous said...

im guessing these are the people that attended the workshop. excluding the people organizing it ie. Kennygoh! :)

the Chinese in singapore looks bit darker than normal, or they're bit Chinese?? :P

anyways keep it up buddy. These workshops going to win Singapore for christ.

Chr1stian08 said...

dude, whos who?

Anonymous said...

K Nice,awesome job work for God!

K ur really look like my Brother. You and my Brother are like twins!


By Jerome

G said...

Thanks for all your hardwork!! We have a lot to learn from you :)

Really, music is one of the best way to win youths to Christ. Keep it up.

On behalf of Impact, NLCC